Having a water main leak can be a costly problem, unless you get the right team of plumbers onto the job quickly. Often, the first thing you’ll notice is an unusually high water bill. We discuss how to test for a water main leak.

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Hot Water Cylinders - When to Upgrade

Date: 23 December 2021

Wondering about upgrading your hot water cylinder? We discuss simple repairs and the signs it might be time to replace your hot water cylinder. Our team can advise on what the right replacement might be for you, depending on your specific requirements.

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Auckland is currently experiencing a water crisis - it's serious! We have some tips and ideas on how we can help you save water - from fixing leaking taps to capturing rainwater from your roof and recycling it...

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When it comes to renovating, fixing or maintaining your home and you need some outside help, its time to forget the cowboys and hire a professional.

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