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Date: 23 December 2021


Most of us turn on the tap and expect a steady supply of hot water without giving it a second thought. Depending on various factors such as make, model, and usage, a hot water cylinder can last for up to 20 years. For peace of mind, it is best to get an expert opinion when it is time to upgrade your hot water cylinder, so you know you are getting the right hot water system to meet your specific requirements.

Topline are proud to be approved installers and service agents for Rheem products, including hot water cylinders. If you're in Auckland and looking to upgrade your hot water cylinder we can help!

When to Upgrade a Hot Water Cylinder

There are various reasons which indicate it may be time to upgrade your hot water cylinder. The most common reason is age – nothing lasts forever. The cylinder will start to degrade over time, becoming less and less efficient, and older models may not have the same level of insulation as their more modern counterparts.

Family size and subsequent demand for hot water can also affect the proper functioning of the cylinder. Increased use as families grow or children get older can lead to an increase in the time for the cylinder to recover from high demand, or the cylinder may run out of hot water altogether.

Inconsistent water pressure, noises, frequently running out of hot water, leaking, and high water bills are all reasons to consider upgrading your hot water cylinder. In addition, upgrades are also recommended if your cylinder does not meet current building code.

Hot Water Cylinder Repairs

If your hot water cylinder is experiencing issues but it’s not quite time to replace it yet, Topline offers a range of repair services to keep your hot water cylinder running for years to come. Our team of experienced plumbers are able to repair or replace valves, pipework, elements, thermostats, install cylinder trays, and attach seismic restraints if necessary.

How We Can Help

The team of plumbing and gasfitting professionals at Topline can offer you expert advice on the right type of hot water cylinder for your home, or you can check out our comparison page of electric and gas hot water cylinders for more information. Whether you are upgrading out of necessity or because of a long overdue bathroom renovation, Topline can help!

Give our knowledgeable team a call on 0800 111 818 or send us an online enquiry now.

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