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Topline is proud to be Rheem approved installers and service agents - we can help you with both hot water cylinders that run on electricity and gas hot water cylinder installation, repair and maintenance Auckland Wide.

Our team of licensed plumbers and gasfitters can advise on the best solutions for all your hot water heating needs.

We also offer commercial hot water systems > 

Get in touch nowElectric hot water cylinders, and some gas hot water cylinders, are known as storage water systems and are suitable for both mains pressure and low pressure. However, there are also alternative solutions to the standard water heaters, such as gas continuous flow, heat pumps, and solar. You can read more about Gas Hot Water Cylinders here or take a look at the pros and cons of Gas vs Electric Hot Water here.


If you are looking at a new hot water cylinder or a hot water cylinder upgrade, we can offer you expert advice on which products will best suit your individual requirements and will take your home, lifestyle, and budget into account. Don’t forget to talk to our team about hot water safety – cylinders must be fitted with a tempering water valve which mixes hot and cold water together. This ensures that the water delivered will be at 55°C, which is a safe water temperature.


Topline also offers hot water cylinder repair, so if your cylinder is leaking, delivers poor water pressure, or a fluctuating temperature, give us a call. Our qualified plumbing team can quickly and safely fix any issues and carry out all kinds of hot water cylinder maintenance, such as hot water pressure control valves, cartridge replacements, and thermostats. Depending on your concerns, we can also do a hot water cylinder replacement or upgrade. Contact our team who are happy to help!

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