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Auckland plumbers, Topline Trade Services are the team to help with rainwater collection solutions; today’s environmentally smart, water saving method. We install both residential water tanks (read below) and commercial water retention tanks.

Water conservation has always been a hot topic and there are increasingly more ways to economise water savings by collecting rainwater. Water retention tanks are a perfect solution for rainwater collection in urban areas as they can be customised to meet your specific needs. Harvesting rainwater not only saves you money on your water bill, it also makes your water go further during periods of drought, such as for garden irrigation. Some water tanks can even help to reduce the cost of water indoors by making use of grey or wastewater.

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So how do rainwater tanks work?

Get in touch nowRainwater tanks are installed close to the catchment area and connected to the downpipe system. Any rainwater is then diverted and harvested in the tank. Rainwater harvesting systems can be as basic or as elaborate as you require. Collecting water for irrigation, washing vehicles, and sprinkler systems requires a simple rainwater tank installation that can be tailored to suit your home.

More complex water tank installations can be plumbed in for grey water and waste water use in laundries and toilets. These can be connected to mains pressure pumps which enables either manual or automatic switching from rainwater to metered water should the tank run dry. Strainers can also be installed at the entrance to the tank to filter rainwater before it is collected.

council consents for rainwater tanks

The type of tank you choose, and the cost of installation, will vary according to what you will use the water for, how much available space you have, and what your property zone is. As a general rule, you currently don’t need consent for installing a rainwater tank for outdoor use only, but consent will be required if you would like your water tank plumbed in to your mains pressure pump. It is best to check if you need consent on Auckland Council’s website, regardless of what you will be using your water for, just in case.

how much do rainwater tanks cost?

You can find various DIY rainwater harvesting options online if you are looking to install a simple system which just collects and stores rainwater from your roof. However, Topline’s team of licensed plumbers can install a more advanced, fully pressurised system that will enable you to connect a high pressure hose to the tank. This means you can utilise rainwater for activities such as car washing, watering the garden, or irrigation systems.

There are a lot of factors to consider when quoting and our team will be able to give you the right advice on which tank will best suit your property. As a guideline, the average cost is around $10,000. This includes forming a concrete base for the tank, the tank itself (5,000L)*, fitting a pump system to pressurise the collected water and use it with a hose, and all installation costs. 

*Tanks range from 1,000L up to 30,000L and the quote may vary depending on tank size.

Our team have successfully installed these water tanks across Auckland to many happy customers. You can read about water harvesting in our residential showcases, or for commercial clients we have a commercial rainwater harvesting page.

If you are interested in the professional installation of a water harvesting system, get in touch online or phone 0800 111 818


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