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Hot water temperature control

Looking for a plumber in Auckland to help regulate hot water temperature in your home? Contact Topline, Auckland's plumbers for water tempering services. We can help with all aspects of water tempering, including expert advice on the latest recommended hot water temperature control solutions available.

We also offer commercial water tempering services – find out more >

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Tempering valve installation, Auckland

We can help with the supply, installation, and maintenance of water tempering valves and thermostats. We supply quality, fit for purpose temperature regulating devices, offer expert advice and quality workmanship.

Tempering valve repair and maintenance

If you are having issues with hot water in your home such as temperature fluctuations, low pressure or even a constantly dripping hot tap, the chances are it’s the tempering valve failing. Tempering valve inspection and periodic servicing can help prevent build-up of mineral deposits and extend the life of the valve. Book in your service now >

Water tempering valve replacement

Topline are experts when it comes to hot water systems, all which come with water tempering valves or devices, but they don’t last forever. We have access to quality products and are experts at replacing tempering valves.

How long do tempering valves last?

Approximately 5-8 years. It may vary depending on the quality of the initial device and the installation, plus how regularly it’s been serviced and maintained over that time.

What is water tempering?

The controlled adjustment of water temperature via a valve or device, so the water temperature is set to a safe level when stored and delivered.

Why is water tempering so important?

Water tempering is crucial as it keeps you safe from harmful bacteria, reduces the risk of burns and in NZ is a legal obligation as part of the building code requirements. Controlling or tempering hot water temperature also results in an energy efficient and comfortable hot water experience in your home.

What is a tempering valve?

It’s a device fitted into your pipework from your hot water system, such as your hot water cylinder, consisting of two inlets (for hot & cold) and one outlet (the mix). Tempering valves allow cold water to be mixed with hot water, controlling the temperature hot water comes out of the hot tap or showerhead.

What is a thermostatic valve or TMV’s?

Often confused with tempering valves, they do have similarities as they both mix hot and cold water together, but a Thermostatic mixing valve or TMV is a more industrial level device. TMV’s are more often used in commercial water tempering, such as schools, aged care facilities etc. TMV’s can take a higher load, respond quicker to temperature changes, are more expensive, last longer and are most often repaired vs replaced.

See our commercial water tempering page for more information >

What mixing & tempering valves are the best?

There are a range of valves available, specifically designed to control temperature in different environments. Topline offer expert advice on what’s right for you specifically, and team with quality suppliers so we know what we are installing is fit for purpose and more likely to last over time.

What should water temperature be set to in NZ?

The standard stored hot water temperature is a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius.

Why does water need to be stored at such a high temperature?

It is essential to have water stored at this piping hot temperature for sanitary and hygiene safety reasons, as stated in the NZ building code. This high temperature eliminates harmful bacteria and microbes such as legionella.

What is the optimal temperature of hot water coming out of a tap?

Get in touch nowThe NZ building code requires hot water to be 40-55 degrees depending on the environment. Young children and elderly are most at risk of burns, so 50 degrees is the maximum delivery temperature for showers baths and basins. However, the hot water temperature in a laundry or kitchen might be set differently to the temperature in the bathrooms.

Our team will ensure you have the optimal device and temperature set for each individual requirement in line with NZ building code regulations.

Why is a tempering valve required?

  • Safety
    Given water needs to be stored at a piping hot 60 degrees it is very dangerous to have hot water coming out of any taps in your property at that temperature.

  • Comfort
    Having hot water being delivered at the optimal temperature feels great!

  • Energy efficiency
    Reducing the amount of hot water required to be heated

What are the signs a tempering valve may be failing?

  • Variation in temperature
    A fluctuation from hot to cold

  • No hot water or scalding hot
    Your valve may be not allowing any hot or cold water through

  • Low water pressure
    Valves can get blocked with mineral deposits or contaminates

  • Dripping from hot tap
    Don’t assume it’s a washer failing, it could be the tempering valve

Experiencing any signs your tempering valve may be failing? Would you like our team to check your hot water is set up correctly, operating efficiently and well maintained? Give the team a call – we’d love to help! Contact us phone 0800 111 818 for expert advice from licensed gasfitting professionals!

From the supply of quality products and expert installation of thermostats and tempering valves to maintenance and repair of water tempering devices, Topline are the trusted team to get it right.

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