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Mt Edens’ Commercial Plumbers, Topline are the experienced experts when it comes to backflow prevention in your business or commercial property, servicing the greater Auckland area. We are certified as an IQP (Independently Qualified Person) for annual backflow testing. Our backflow services range from testing existing backflow devices, such as backflow valves, repairing, and certifying backflow systems by providing a 12A Certification as required by Watercare. We also specialise in supplying, installing and maintaining new backflow prevention devices, to comply with NZ law.

Obligation By Law To Ensure Backflow Prevention

Get in touch nowAccording to the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007 in the Health Act 1956, “every drinking water supplier must take reasonable steps to”:

  • a. contribute to the protection from contamination of each source of raw water from which that drinking-water supplier takes raw water:
  • b. protect from contamination all raw water used by that drinking-water supplier.”

(See more information - Ministry of Health, 2020)

Backflow Preventer Installation

Whatever the size of your business or commercial property, if you supply drinking water at your premises (including to staff and visitors), you must abide by New Zealand legislation surrounding the supply of potable (drinking) water. This includes ensuring that suitable backflow prevention is not only in place, but also tested and regularly maintained. As an IQP, Topline can help with backflow preventer installation whereever you may need it. 

Backflow Prevention, Testing & Maintenance

Once a backflow device, such as a backflow valve has been installed it's essential to have it regularly checked. Backflow testing is an essential regular service our team can help with to ensure it's working correctly. 

Cause and Effect of Backflow

Backflow occurs when there is a reverse flow of water back into the general water supply, often caused by a drop in water pressure. This can cause fresh water to become contaminated with harmful bacteria and chemicals and is a risk to health and safety.

Backflow Valves and Backflow Devices

Pipes can be fitted with a backflow device to prevent the reverse flow and thereby stop any cross-contamination of different water supplies.

Backflow Risk Categories

Backflow is categorised into three risk levels, according to severity: High, Medium, or Low risk. Each of these is associated with a different method of prevention, with most commercial properties falling into either the high or medium risk category.

Examples - High Risk of Backflow

High risk properties include those where pollutants contaminate potable water, causing severe illness or fatalities, such as factories which process and handle food products, manufacturing industries, and even beauty salons.

Backflow - Medium Risk Examples

Medium risk properties also present a danger to health if contaminants can infiltrate the water supply and include businesses such as laundries and public swimming pools.

Backflow Prevention in Schools

Schools are also at notable risk if they have a swimming pool or irrigation systems on the grounds.

What Backflow Prevention Is Right For You?

Get in touch nowThe recommended backflow devices differ according to the level of risk, the nature of business, and whether only boundary backflow (minimum requirement) is necessary, or if backflow zones are required to protect specific sections of the property from backflow.

Backflow Prevention Specialist Plumbers

Our trained professionals are able to offer further information as to whether your business is considered a high or medium risk and what the best backflow solution may be.

IQP Certified Backflow Plumber

If your property has a backflow device already installed, it is your responsibility to ensure it is checked annually by an Independently Qualified Person (IQP). Topline are the professional Auckland plumbers to help with all backflow supply, installation, and service requirements.

Auckland Backflow Prevention Services:

  • Annual backflow device testing
  • Backflow valve checks, servicing or repairs
  • New backflow device supply and installation
  • Provide 12A Certification as required anually by Watercare

If you would like your backflow device assessed or would like a new device installed, enquire online or call the Topline team today on 0800 111 818 for expert advice from licensed plumbing professionals.

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