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Mt Eden's Topline Plumbing have the expertise and experience to prevent backflow in your home, by supplying, installing and maintaining backflow devices in Auckland. If you already have a backflow device installed, our licensed plumbers are available to carry out a backflow valve check, service or repair, provide annual backflow checks, and can act as an IQP (independently qualified person) to supply Watercare’s 12A Certification to ensure the water in your home is sanitary. 

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BACKFLOW preventer

Many Auckland houses have swimming pools, spas and rainwater retention tanks – all of which can increase the risk of backflow. Backflow can be a serious risk to the health of those living in a home but can easily be prevented using a backflow device or backflow preventer, installed by a professional plumber or IQP.

What is backflow prevention and why is it important?

Backflow prevention is a critical part of maintaining the quality of potable water. Backflow occurs when there is a reverse flow of water back into the public water supply, often caused by a drop in water pressure. Pipes can be fitted with a backflow device to prevent the reverse flow and thereby stop any cross-contamination of different water supplies.  

What do backflow devices do?

Backflow devices ensure that your property’s water supply does not get contaminated with bacteria or chemicals which could pollute otherwise safe drinking water, as this can lead to a number of health hazards and is unsafe to drink. 

Is my property at risk of backflow?

Backflow is categorised into three risk levels, according to severity: High, Medium, or Low risk. Each of these is associated with a different method of prevention, with most residential properties falling into either the medium or low risk category. 

spas, swimming pools and backflow:

Properties where backflow contamination can result in severe illness or even fatalities are classified as high risk of backflow and include homes which have spa and swimming pools. 

rainwater tanks and backflow:

Homes which fall under medium risk of backflow, meaning contamination can still cause illness, include properties which have rainwater retention tanks installed. For this reason, it is highly recommended that a professional plumber does the installation to mains water if the tank is going to be plumbed in, to ensure backflow is properly prevented.   

annual iQP certified backflow testing, auckland

If your property has a backflow device installed, it is your responsibility as the homeowner / landlord to ensure it is checked annually by an Independently Qualified Person (IQP). If you are looking for an IQP in Auckland, Topline Plumbing can act as an Independently Qualified Person test and certify backflow, or help with any other backflow supply, installation, and service requirements. 

Backflow plumbing Services:

Our Mt Eden based plumbers offer the following backflow services.

  • Perform an annual backflow device test
  • Backflow valve check, service, or repair
  • Install a new backflow device
  • Provide a 12A Certification to satisfy Watercare and annual testing requirements

If you would like your backflow device assessed or would like a new device installed, contact the Topline team today for expert advice from licensed plumbing professionals or phone 0800 111 818.

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