Water Retention Tanks

Rainwater and Retention Tanks

Rainwater harvesting is becoming a popular choice with many commercial businesses and schools across Auckland, as installing a rainwater tank is not only environmentally conscious, it is cost-effective. Commercial water tank installations are customisable and can be tailored to the specific needs of your business and property. We also install residential rainwater tanks across Auckland.

Why Install a Retention Tank?

Get in touch nowWater is a precious natural resource and Auckland seems to face a water crisis every few years. During those times Aucklanders are asked to do their bit to conserve as much water as possible, with the need to focus on alternative ways of utilising water and being more vigilant about how we save water or become more energy efficient. Water tanks are a way to future-proof when it comes to water usage. 

Benefits of Water Tanks

Water tanks are strong, durable, and UV resistant. They are built to last for years to come and provide an economic, long-term solution for rainwater collection. Reduce your water usage AND your water bill by taking advantage of rainwater and installing a water retention tank at your business or commercial property.

Recycling Rainwater

Collecting rainwater has never been so easy, with rainwater tanks available in a wide range of colours, designs, models, and sizes. Rain tank installations are no longer constrained to rural spaces. More and more urban businesses are making use of rainwater and with so many sizes available, limited space is not an issue. Smaller tanks and slimline models are great for simple uses, such as collecting water for irrigation and sprinkler systems for lawns, gardens, and sports fields.

Rainwater Harvesting

Grey and Wastewater

However, harvesting rainwater isn’t just about having a little extra water to keep the lawns green. According to Watercare, the average Aucklander typically uses between 140 and 175 litres of water per day, with approximately 18% of that allocated to toilets. Commercial rainwater harvesting systems enable water collection for waste water and grey water use as well. Our expert team of licensed plumbers are able to fit valves on your tank to connect it to mains pressure pumps. This means that you can use rainwater for toilets or laundries when the tank is full but will automatically be converted to metered water should your tank run dry.

Water Suitable for Drinking

Some water tanks are also suitable for potable drinking water. They inhibit algae growth and do not taint the taste of water. These tanks are made from food grade approved materials and are perfectly safe for drinking water – just another way you can save by making the most of collecting rainwater.

Retention Tank Installation

If you have any questions or would like to talk more about how a water retention tank could save your business some extra costs on the water bill, get in touch. Our specialist team will be happy to help and guide you through the best models and installations based on your specific requirements, whether it be for irrigation; vehicle fleet and building washing; reticulation to toilets, laundries, and washrooms; or potable water.

Auckland Rainwater Collection Installers

Our team have successfully installed these commercial water tanks and several residential water tanks across Auckland to many happy customers, so don’t delay – install a water retention tank now to take advantage of the rain this winter! 

If you would like a water rentention tank installed, enquire online or call the Topline team today on 0800 111 818 for expert advice from licensed plumbing professionals.  Contact us - our team are happy to help!


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