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Date: 10 February 2020

Auckland is currently experiencing a water crisis. Apparently we’re breaking records when it comes to the amount of water we’re consuming and the dams are dry. Watercare has asked people to have shorter showers. To avoid things getting worse and restrictions coming into play, here’s a list of things you can do to help minimise the amount of water you’re using. 

Tips on saving water, we can help with:

-          Leaking Toilets
Noticed water dripping down at the back of your toilet?
You may have a leak. You can test for this by placing a sheet of toilet paper at the back of the toilet, under the rim 30 minutes after the last flush. If you notice there is water on the paper you may have a leaking cistern. An alternative method is dropping a little food colouring in the cistern, wait 15 minutes and see if the colour shows in the toilet bowl. Fixing or replacing a leaking toilet saves water instantly and money too over time!
Savings: up to 9,000 litres per year (Source:

-          Older Toilets
Did you know older style toilets use more water than the newer water efficient models?
For example some older toilets use 4 x more water than their modern counterparts. That adds up after every flush! Products displaying the WELS (Water Efficient Labelling Scheme) can help you make the best decision when it comes to efficiency. Upgrading your toilet can be a long term cost saving and water saving solution.

-          Leaking Taps or Shower Heads
It really does pay to get a leak fixed!
Of course replacing a leaking tap or shower head will save you not only water and money but it might also help with your sanity; not having to listen to the constant drip or trickle. There are many new models of taps, shower heads and fixtures that are not only water efficient, but retain excellent performance as well.
(see watersense products)
Savings: 20% more water efficient (Source:

-          Water flow restrictors for taps and shower heads
How much high pressure water and money is going down the drain?
Low flow or water restrictors work by controlling the water pressure. The result is less water being wasted and a reduction pressure means less wear and tear on your taps and pipes.
Savings: up to 50 litres of water for every 6 minute shower.

-          Suspected Leaks Elsewhere
Noticed moisture, mold or a musty smell on any walls, ceilings or floors?
If there is a pipe leaking underneath a wall, ceiling or floor it’s time to call the experts in! It’s really important these leaks addressed before further damage occurs.

-          Rainwater Harvesting
Still want the luxury of watering your garden even during water restrictions?
By installing a rainwater tank you can collect, store and recycle rainwater for use in the garden. Save the planet, your water bill and money. We have information on how rain water tanks work on our Rainwater Harvesting page or look at our showcase on rainwater tank installation, with an irrigation system for a happy customer here:

-          Other things you can do

  1. Brushing. Turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth.
  2. Flushing. Use the half flush when flushing the toilet where possible.
  3. Showering. Have quicker showers.
  4. If you want more ideas on how you can check for leaks, check out the Environmental Protection Agencies page on ‘fix a leak week’.

The team at Topline are happy to advise you should you need help with any of these water saving ideas. Email or phone 0800 111 818.

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