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Residential Plumbing Services Auckland

Whether you suspect a leak in your water main, your hot water has gone cold or your taps need replacing, Topline's team of licensed plumbers can solve all of your plumbing problems. We operate an Auckland-wide plumbing service and provide after hours, emergency plumbing services.

Our trustworthy local plumbers have the experience and equipment to help with anything around your home - from installing or repairing your hot water cylinder, to fixing your waste disposal unit. Topline's strong relationships with suppliers and streamlined processes means that we have the resources to take on large jobs. Our licensed plumbers have the know-how and support to help you with projects like plumbing for your new house or extension. Topline's expertise is in taking care of your water and waste supply, from your gate to your grate and beyond.

hot water installations

Are you running out of hot water? Does the temperature of your water fluctuate in your shower or does the pressure drop with multi-users in your household? These are technical problems that can be overcome by talking to us about how to optimise your household's water requirements.

We can help you with electric hot water cylinders, gas hot water cylinders, or continous flow gas hot water. Or find out more about what the pro's and con's of electric vs gas hot water are.

If you're planning on adding an extra bathroom or additonal living areas, we can help you out. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team before you put your plans together.

Bathroom renovations

A new bathroom can really freshen up your home, making it nicer to live in and easier to sell. Our bathroom renovation specialists will make your bathroom look ‘as good as new’ for many years to come. If you're doing up your bathroom, Topline's reliable Project Managers can help take the hassle out of the remodelling and refitting process. 


Water features like swimming pools and spas can really enhance your enjoyment of outdoor living. But did you know that they can contaminate your drinking water, which can cause a health problem if backflow enters your drinking supply?

Preventing backflow and protecting the health of your family is a simple matter. Topline's friendly, experienced plumbing team has the expertise and equipment to install and maintain backflow prevention devices to safeguard your family.


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