Back Concern over influx of imported inferior, dangerous products being installed.

Radio NZ recently featured a piece about the real concerns many plumbers, gasfitters and electricians have at the moment, regarding the influx of inferior, out-right dangerous, non-compliant products being installed. They are being bought online or imported without proper safety checks and don’t meet New Zealand’s industry standards.

It’s often the initial cost saving which is the driving force behind bringing these sub-standard products, but the real cost is the safety risk and the damage caused when these products fail.

An example of this are some taps, mixers and plumbing componentry have been found to have lead in them, which could leach out into the water over time. Sub-standard pipes and fitting that fail in behind walls are extremely costly to repair.

An interesting read / listen if you were ever in doubt about the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’.
Get the full story below, thanks to Radio New Zealand.

Other companies may feel the pressure to supply these cheaper, inferior products, but that’s never been an option for the Topline Team.

At Topline, we are proud to have solid relationships with our suppliers ensuring we only install quality products that are built to last. We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously - to provide quality solutions that last. That’s why we don’t cut corners and work with only the tried and tested reliable products which come with warranties. They conform to NZ standards and will stand the test of time – do it once, do it right and everyone wins!

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