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Date: 19 June 2022


Having a water main leak can be a costly problem, unless you get the right team of plumbers onto the job quickly. Often, the first thing you’ll notice is an unusually high water bill. 

Why is my Water Bill so High?

Chances are, you may have a water mains leak. This is often the first tell-tale sign there’s a problem. However, you may also see water puddling where it shouldn’t, notice cracks in concrete, or hear a hissing or bubbling sound coming from your underground pipes.

You can find more information on water main leaks on our ‘plumbing repairs – water leaks’ page. 

Water Main Leak Tests

Wondering how you can test for a water main leak?

It’s simple really… take a reading from your water meter, stop using water in your household, and see if the reading increases. You can stand and watch the meter once you know no one is using any water, and if it’s a fast leak, you will see the numbers increasing as you watch. For slower leaks, you will have to test it for a period of at least two hours, then go back to the water meter and take another reading and compare. If you find it’s the same, there’s no leak. If the numbers have changed despite no one in the house using water, you have a leak! Get in touch with us! We can help.

More Information on water main testing
FYI, your water meter is normally in some type of box in the ground, found just near the boundary of your property – you may have to remove leaves or debris to open the lid of the box to reveal the water meter. To take a reading, simply note down the numbers left to right and compare after a set time. Note: when you choose a time, make sure absolutely no one in your household will use any water at all, including flushing the toilet, using taps, or washing appliances. For slower leaks, a minimum test time of two hours is recommended, but overnight can also be a good time to test.

If you think you have a water main leak, get in touch - Topline’s plumbers are experienced at finding and repairing leaks. It pays to get the professionals in! Water main leaks can be simple or complex depending on the location of the leak, and often it’s detecting the source that’s the tricky part. You can read more about how we can help on our water leaks page.

To help with your water leak repair, get in touch with the professionals! Call 0800 111 818 or enquire online. We’d love to help and really appreciate our community supporting local.


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