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Date: 10 March 2021

NOTE: An update on this article was published in September 2023. 
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You might be asking ‘What does the Climate Change Commission proposal mean for the future of gas in NZ for my home or business’? We explore how and when any changes might take place and how they might affect you.

On the 31st of January 2021, the Climate Change Commission released a draft report outlining how NZ can achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. As part of that report, it has proposed stopping new residential and commercial gas connections by 2025. 

What you need to know about recommended changes to gas

  • There has only been a draft proposal released, so nothing has officially changed.
  • Members of the gas industries have been asked to submit feedback by mid-March 2021.

Even if the NZ gas reforms suggested in the proposal are approved, rest assured:

  • You can still buy and install new gas appliances.
  • New users will be added to the gas network until at least 2025, maybe beyond.
  • Gas will still be available for the life of any gas appliances sold.
  • NZ has plenty of natural gas to last for decades.
  • Topline Gasfitting will continue to service and maintain your gas appliances.

What does the NZ Gas Industry think?

While Gas companies such as Rinnai and the LPG association are supportive of lowering NZs emissions, they believe gas will be part of the energy mix in the future.

Maintaining the gas system in New Zealand will reduce the demand for electricity that can be used for other purposes such as Electric Vehicles. This will allow for future innovation such as the use of carbon free biogas or hydrogen and will provide significant savings for New Zealand families.” – Rinnai NZ

Master Plumbers are concerned NZ will lose the opportunity to use its existing gas network when carbon-free ‘green’ hydrogen is ready to hit the market.

"Trials in Australia are looking at the use of hydrogen in new suburbs and there is a strong focus on seeing how hydrogen can be incorporated with the current gas network and appliances,” says CEO Greg Wallace.

What is the future of gas in nz?

Innovative low emission options are likely to be in the future of gas in New Zealand

  • Exciting new zero or low emission gases like hydrogen, biogas, and bioLPG are being developed in New Zealand and are recognised by the Climate Change Commission as a good way to reach our emission reductions.
  • NZ’s LPG Association expects some of these new fuels will be introduced into the supply without customers noticing any difference.

How many people have gas in nz?

There are half a million New Zealand homes or businesses who enjoy the low cost, comfortable, and reliable benefits of gas hot water and home heating. The emissions from these only make up 1% of NZ’s total emissions. *

(* Thanks to Sources: Rinnai NZ, LPG Association of NZ)

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