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Date: 26 September 2023

New Hydrocarbons and Hydrogas in the future for NZ gas customers

The future with gas is looking strong!

The latest government ‘Gas Transition Plan Issues’ report confirms gas is still very much a viable energy source to utilise in NZ, with a future aiming to lower emissions by transitioning from the current LPG and natural gas to a more renewable energy resource.

NZ’s Gas Transition Plan

The transition is likely to involve the use of hydrocarbon and hydrogas technologies, blended with current gases in its initial stages. Moving towards carbon neutral resources will take some time and the report identifies gas as an incredibly strong player in New Zealand energy sector.

The gas transition issues paper states:

“The Government’s 2050 vision for energy and industry, including fossil gas, is for New Zealand to have a highly renewable, sustainable, and efficient energy system that is accessible and affordable, secure, and reliable, and which supports New Zealanders’ wellbeing.”

“…New Zealand’s gas sector plays a critical role in our wider energy system and economy. The transition needs to happen in a way that maintains energy security and affordability.” *

What does this mean for gas customers?

The report acknowledges the importance of gas in NZ and should provide reassurance that gas supply will continue as usual until these other renewable energy alternatives are developed.

what's the timeframe for the gas transition?

It is difficult to say, but likely 2035-2050. Although new renewable gases are already being developed and trialed in New Zealand it will take time to adapt our systems and roll out these new evolving technologies across the country.

Should I feel confident installing a new gas appliance?

Yes, the current gas supply will be accessible until the new alternative gases are available. Most current new gas appliances can run on a blend of natural and renewable hydrogen gas, which is part of the journey towards low carbon gas energy in the future.

Will my gas appliance still work 

If you're wondering if your new gas appliance will still work with the new renewable energy source, it will depend on the age of your gas appliance and whether it can be adapted. A typical gas appliance lifespan is 15 years. Most modern gas appliances are already capable of running on a blend of natural and hydrogen gas.

Why embrace the changes ahead?

While we tend to be challenged by change – it can evoke fear and resistance it can also lead us down a path with a better and brighter future for all.

Benefits of using gas:

Gas Water Heating 

  • Reliable way to heat water
  • Continuous and instant hot water
  • No wasted energy so cost effective

Heating with gas

  • Reliable and continuous
  • Energy efficient
  • Quick to heat

Cooking with gas

  • Instant, constant and distributes heat evenly
  • Accurate temperature control

For more information on the future of gas in NZ, download the customer fact sheet provided by Master Plumbers or go to

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