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Date: 19 July 2022

For the sixth consecutive year, Topline has achieved SiteWise Gold status!

To see our most recent SiteWise Status go to our latest SiteWise blog page > 

the sitewise pre-requisite, auckland

We are thrilled to have once again attained a 100% score in the SiteWise annual health and safety assessment for our plumbing, gasfitting, drainage and roofing services, attaining SiteWise Gold for the 2022 – 2023 period.

sitewise gold 2022/23, commercial plumbers, auckland

Less than four percent of NZ companies manage to attain SiteWise Gold, with fewer than 0.4% managing 3-6 consecutive years, demonstrating Toplines ongoing commitment to health and safety. This is especially important for our commercial plumbing, commercial gasfitting and commercial drainage clients.

sitewise gold, a commercial prequalification

SiteWise is often part of the prequalification process when selecting a commercial plumbing contractor, gasfitting contractor, or drainage contractor. It proves we have processes in place to reduce risk and provides assurance we are ticking all boxes when it comes to health and safety.

SiteWise Gold 2022-23 Certificate Topline

health & safety excellence

You can find out more about the SiteWise Criteria and how we did on our SiteWise Gold blog article on our roofing website.

sitewise gold accredited contractors

Auckland’s SiteWise Accredited Contractors, Topline Plumbing, Gasfitting, Drainage and Roofing.  Get in touch with the specialist trade experts – we’re happy to help!

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