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Date: 12 August 2019

Following the devastating gas explosion of a house in the residential neighbourhood of Northwood, Christchurch last week, WORKSAFE have just released a list of recommendations for all gas users.

The advice is for anyone who has a gas system or gas appliances installed, including: gas heaters, LPG heaters, gas fireplace, gas water heating, gas ovens, gas cooktops, gas heating systems and gas central heating. Read the full WORKSAFE article here >

  1. Ensure any gas fitting is carried out by a licensed gasfitter and ask to see their practicing license ID card
  2. Get your gas appliances regularly serviced and follow the manufacturer’s advice
  3. Gas appliances must be properly ventilated
  4. Get your LPG cabinet heater and cylinder checked every year by a licensed gasfitter to avoid potentially lethal carbon monoxide emission.
  5. Check before you dig, ensuring you don’t damage underground gas services

Look out for the danger signs

Contact a licensed gasfitter if any of these danger signs occur.

  • You can smell gas.
  • The flame burns yellow instead of blue, which could be a sign the appliance is not operating properly. (Note: some flame-effect gas fireplaces are designed to burn with a yellow flame)

If you notice a gas smell that persists after you turn off your gas appliances or supply, get outside to a safe place and call 111.

Christchurch gas explosion news article > 

The team at Topline take the safety of your home and family seriously and are licenced gasfitters trained to make sure the gas in your home is connected correctly, flued and vented, working properly and most importantly, safe to use. We recommend gas appliance servicing according to your manufacturers guideline. See our Gas Appliance Servicing page for more information or email or phone 0800 111 818.

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