Auckland has shifted to Alert Level 3, from 22nd September 2021. Under Alert Level 3, Topline is open for business but is required to maintain physical distancing and follow rigid hygiene routines. An increase in health and safety protocols reduces the risks to both our team members and our customers.


Moving forward into Alert Level 3, Topline Group is able to continue with it's plumbing, gasfitting and drainage services; although it's not quite "business as usual". 


Topline has increased already stringent standards of hygiene to maintain a safe working environment. As always, the safety of our people, both our team and our customers, is at the forefront of everything we do.

Under Alert Level 3, we will continue to ensure that we keep everyone safe during these uncertain times. Topline has issued a Covid-19 Response Policy in line with Health and Safety at Work 2015 (HSWR), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment , and WorkSafe New Zealand. This has meant increasing our already high standards of H&S protocols.

Under Alert Level 3, we will continue to maintain physical distancing, follow rigid hygiene routines, and reduce risks to both team members and customers. 

Topline has always had a strong focus on health and safety but we are increasing our already high standards of hygiene to maintain a safe working environment. In addition to the standard protocols including scanning in, temperature checking, using nitrile gloves, strict hand washing and sanitising protocols, and staying home when unwell; all staff remain 2 metres from anyone outside our work bubble and contact trace those who come within the 2 metre space, which includes no handshakes. Only relevant staff are on site with our premises is closed to visitors.


The safety of our people, both customers and staff, is our top priority. This means we have additional measures in place for our team to protect themselves and you.

Please be aware that you’ll be asked a few mandatory questions at the time of booking and again before our staff arrive for the job. These include:

  1. Are you or anyone in your household currently feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms?
  2. Do you or anyone in your household have need for self-isolation, such as being at a location of interest at the same time as a positive case?
  3. Are you or anyone in your household waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test?

You can expect us to minimise any risk by:

  • Physical distancing of 2m with anyone outside our work bubble. 
  • Robust contact tracing systems are in place / scanning in
  • Risk assessments and registers have been updated in order to reduce workplace risks
  • Strict hygiene protocols are in place, including frequent washing of hands and sanitising of vehicles & equipment
  • Our team have been inducted in Topline’s new Covid-19 policies and procedures
  • Maintaining surveillance of the health of our team, temperature checking
  • No visitors allowed at Topline, and only relevant staff onsite
  • Following best practice guidelines from above mentioned organisations as a minimum standard

As the situation changes we will continue to keep in line with best practice guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Government as a minimum standard. 

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries online, phone 0800 111 818 or email us at

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