NZ’s Covid-19, Alert Level 1 means our increased level of hygiene and health and safety protocols will still remain in place as our priority is keeping both our team and customers safe.  

What Does Alert Level 1 Look Like?

At Alert Level 1 we are back to providing all our customers with our full suite of regular services, including plumbinggasfitting and drainage, but have added health and safety measures in place to make sure we are keeping our team and customers as safe as possible. 

With Alert Level 1, it’s back to business as usual, with a few exceptions.

Even though we are out of lockdown and bubbles are broken, our stringent hygiene protocols remain in place as does contact tracing, and updated policies and procedures which have been created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Physical distancing is no longer necessary but is still encouraged.


Visitors are welcome at the Topline premises but will be required to sign in. Contact tracing protocols remain in place. We would appreciate it if all visitors followed the hygiene guidelines and used the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance as well.

Under Alert Level 1, we will continue to ensure that we keep everyone safe during these uncertain times. Topline has issued a Covid-19 Response Policy in line with Health and Safety at Work 2015 (HSWR), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment , and WorkSafe New Zealand. This has meant increasing our already high standards of H&S protocols.

Under Alert Level 1, we will continue to stay vigilant by following rigid hygiene routines, maintaining a physical distance where possible, and reducing risks to both team members and customers.


  • Robust contact tracing systems are in place, QR poster on site
  • Risk assessments and registers have been updated in order to reduce workplace risks
  • Strict hygiene protocols are in place, including frequent washing of hands and sanitising of the premises, vehicles & equipment
  • Our team have been inducted in Topline’s Covid-19 policies and procedures
  • Maintaining surveillance of the health of our team
  • Following best practice guidelines from the below mentioned organisations as a minimum standard

We remain in line with best practice from Work 2015 (HSWR), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and WorkSafe New Zealand and of course, Government guidelines.

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries online, phone 0800 111 818 or email us at

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